If the accommodation was booked by the events team you received a voucher for your stay. If you did not received this voucher and dont have accommodation booked please do it through the corporate channels.


Collaborate for a Greener Approach and Cost Savings! 

In an effort to promote environmental consciousness and optimize our budget, we have decided not to pre-book transfers from and to the airport. 

We kindly request that you coordinate with your colleagues to explore the possibility of sharing taxis, benefiting both the environment and our budget! 

September 19th - Group dinner : 

Location: Arlequin Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

This dinner format brings together all participants, providing an opportunity for cross-team networking and collaboration. It's a fantastic occasion to meet new colleagues, exchange ideas, and build relationships beyond our immediate work circles. 

September 20th - Departmental dinner :

Location: To be confirmed by your manager

We have arranged special departmental dinners to create an intimate setting for team members within each department to come together and connect on a deeper level. Leo will be joining one course with each department. It's a unique chance for Leo to directly connect with all team members, strengthen relationships, build bonds, and inspire innovative thinking within each department. 

For our upcoming event, we have chosen a smart casual dress code to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. Smart casual attire allows you to highlight your personal style while maintaining a polished and put-together appearance. 

The weather in Palma de Mallorca in September is warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and exploring the city.

We recommend you check below for the week's weather so you can prepare for the day.